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beyond the simple light

OLEV is a Made in Italy company that produces lamps with an original design and smart LED light. OLEV is not limited to creating simple bodies that emit light, but always adds a plus-value: some lamps can absorb noise, purify the air and imitate the variations of sunlight...

A new culture of light.

We design lamps that, in addition to being aesthetically original, are able to imitate the sunlight and its variations in color and intensity during the day, to create the same level of well-being that you feel in an open and natural environment.

Professionals from all over the world choose OLEV

he quality of the OLEV lamps meant that it was chosen to illuminating: the offices of the Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Berlin, the halls of the renowned restaurant Langosteria in Milan and Paris, the building of the Ministry of Finance in Abu Dhabi... and many other...

Colour makes all the difference

We know how important it is to find the right color in a furniture project. In fact, the colors we use are unique, created by hand by skilled Italian craftsmen only for OLEV, using secret formulas. No color on the market can imitate our proposals. This is what makes our lamps original.


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