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More than sixty years of lighting history

LEUCOS was born in 1962 near Venice, where craftsmanship is synonymous with art. Since the beginning, they have been known for creating lamps of unmistakable quality and unparalleled beauty. At LEUCOS, they strive to provide exceptional products and state-of-the-art production methods. This results in efficient, dependable, and prompt product and project development. Their success formula is a combination of design, materials, manufacturing techniques, technologies, and exceptional human resources. The handblown glass represents the local tradition, but behind every new project there is a global ambition. While decorative lighting is their primary focus, they are expanding into the realms of architectural/technical systems and non-lighting complementary accessories.

LEUCOS inspires your imagination and unlocking possibilities: introducing a leader in the decorative glass lighting sector. Their ability to explore different contemporary production and creative possibilities has made them a reference point for architects and designers around the world. You spot it from afar: their skilled artisanal glass processing combined with industrial processes and reliable technologies create unique and inspiring lighting solutions.

At LEUCOS, they inspire your imagination and push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Renowned for creating one-of-a-kind bespoke solutions, they offer both standard products with a high degree of customization options and fully bespoke solutions. They mission is to cultivate value for their clients, partners, and company. This drives them to produce beautiful, expertly crafted, dependable, efficient, and long-lasting products through innovation and simplification. Their insatiable curiosity and open-minded approach leads themc to uncover innovative materials and new solutions. It’s their vision to foster deeper emotional bonds between their customers and products, thereby ensuring the longevity and enduring beauty of their modern classics. Their commitment to excellence shines in every product we create – you spot it from afar.


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