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about skema

Skema is an Italian company specialising in laminate, composite and wood floor and wall coverings, for interior and exterior decoration, active with its own sales structure to meet residential and contract needs. Alongside floor and wall coverings, it also offers products for soundproofing and acoustic remediation of rooms, with solutions that look to rigid and textile panels. Since 1992, it has established itself as a leading company in Italy and an increasingly appreciated reality at international level. It follows and takes care of the entire production process, design consultancy and certifies its products according to the most demanding standards.

All Living laminates are water-resistant

Among the 2024 novelties, Skema reinforces the performance proposition of the Living line by making all laminate collections water-resistant.

The new Vision Technic Hydro

There is a new 2024 entry in the Living laminate flooring line and it is called Vision Technic Hydro.

Prestige Gold increasingly resistant to abrasion and water

The Prestige Gold laminate collection from 2024 upgrades its resistance class to AC5 and water resistance with Hydro technology.


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