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About Talenti

Talenti is an italian company known internationally as a company specialized in design and manufacture of outdoor furniture. Founded in 2004 by Fabrizio Cameli, since ist origins, the company has been characterized by its ability to design and manufacture outdoor furniture and accessories that know how to interpret contemporary trends and respond with great dynamism to market developments. Talenti furniture anticipates design trends, successfully experiments with innovative technologies and materials, traces the path of design furniture and it is so sophisticated and refined that it breaks the fine line between outdoor and indoor. Unique furnishing elements that have the charm of the interior and at the same time the naturalness of the exterior, collections that adapt perfectly to any outdoor environment, both contract and residential, and meet different styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

The team of designers

who collaborate with the company, enriched year after year by great personalities on the international scene, is the very expression of his desire to always seek new expressive languages ​​and to encourage and cultivate creativity in all its forms.

The values

that guide the Talenti business are the basis on which the company builds its manufacturing excellence. The talent of those who make up the company, the synergy among the various figures involved in the production process, the constant search for innovation and the passion and attention to the smallest detail, are an important strategic element to create products with an unmistakable design and uniqueness of style.

Talenti products

are original, versatile and characterized by timeless elegance. Over the years, an articulated offer has been developed, furnishings for complete living and dining furniture, around which accessories are adapted and defined for any type of environment with great character.


is an intrinsic characteristic of every furniture signed by Talenti: the company scrupulously controls every phase of the production line: from the development of the prototype to its engineering, up to packaging. A deep culture of the project and an inexhaustible attention in the selection of materials and technologies to be used are key elements to meet customer needs and ensure the excellence of the brand.







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